While sitting in a classroom in Lawrence North H.S., Robert hear a guest speaker present the radical idea that as a society, we are, “information rich, and experience poor.” This sent him on a journey of seeking, pursuing, and benefitting from direct experience.

Robert is a graduate of Indiana University where he studied psychology and philosophy. He has spent more than 20 years at St. Vincent Stress Center, where he has brought experiential innovations to his clients by using movement, deep breathing and visualization to promote wellbeing. Where words often fail, direct experience is often the truest path to wellbeing and peace of mind.

His free time has been well spent. Outside of work, he felt compelled to test his physical and mental endurance and sought to confront his fears by cycling alone across the U.S. He then took a friend for the next ride across America and then led 12 clients across the U.S. for his third cross-country odyssey all the while harvesting the confidence, peace of mind and self-actualization he sought.

Robert is an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist whose 4th album joined forces with two of John Mellencamp’s band members and others to create his latest album, Wrapped Around You.

He is an avid skinny dipper who loves to find that perfect place to slip into the water, alone or with others. He has received body work including rolfing, and understands and respects the healing power and transcendence of touch.

Robert does not consider himself New Age, though he is familiar and respectful of those with various cultural backgrounds, including Christians, scientific secular thinkers, agnostics, and others of different religious and cultural backgrounds. His life-long desire is to find common ground by encouraging direct experience. He realizes people can, and often do, talk themselves into corners so he seeks to narrow those divides while respecting our individuality. Finally, he sees himself as a facilitator who likes to harness the potential of any group, behind a common purpose, while putting his individual ambitions aside.