About Us

We are a group of creatives who are cross country cyclists, singer/songwriters, counselors who have experience in outdoor leadership and have years of experience in the psychology field. We are veterans in our field and have gone through every part of the retreat many times so you can be confident to have the best experience possible.

We believe in promoting our individuality through direct experiences that are fun, challenging and sensual. We believe individuality can be enhanced by giving everyone the freedom to be themselves, giving them the space to be creative and find their own way through these experiences. Come be yourself, and build on the strengths you have or find new strengths to explore as an individual or couple.

We exist to safely and respectfully push the envelope into new experiences, and believe that each individual is capable of exploring outside the roles of mainstream/status-quo culture. We believe that to feel more fully alive, we can choose to reach out into new experiences, that if guided thoughtfully, can be exhilarating and produce many positive results for our lives.